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Administrative Assistant — Michaela Kinkhorst

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6201 College Boulevard, Suite #150
Overland Park, KS 66211

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Michaela Kinkhorst (MK)

Administrative Assistant

Michaela Kinkhorst—who goes by “MK”—handles all the administrative duties for Terri Lewis.

MK supports Terri Lewis in every way possible, and she works on something different nearly every day. She is the main point of contact when a client or prospective client wants to set up a meeting with Terri, has a question or needs any kind of help with their accounts. She is extremely efficient and task-oriented and enjoys getting things done for clients in a timely manner. If she doesn’t have the answer to something, she will get it, and her goal is to help people succeed by focusing on the details and facilitating the next steps needed in any situation.

MK grew up in Independence, Missouri, two blocks away from the historic district where former president Harry S. Truman’s home is located. After graduating from UMKC (University of Missouri-Kansas City) with a bachelor’s degree in health science, she intended to go into medical sales. Her career path changed, and her first two jobs out of college were serving as a client liaison at DST Systems and then working as an assistant to five doctors at the University of Kansas Medical Center before she joined Terri Lewis’s financial advisory practice.

MK has worked for Terri for more than six years. She always remembers her work anniversary date because she married her husband, Kyle, exactly two months after her first day on the job. The couple had their first child, Grayson, in May of 2020, and they’re extremely grateful for all of the experiences and blessings they’ve shared together.

The cornerstones of MK’s life in her free time are her family and her faith. She serves in her church, and her hobbies as a new mother are primarily “hanging out with her boys”—meaning her husband and son—as they enjoy all the new things their toddler learns daily.

Let’s discuss your family’s long-term business succession and estate planning strategy.

Our goal is to plan for the future, solidify family unity and protect the multigenerational wealth you have worked so hard to build.
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